The Family Community Life Center, Inc. of the Eastern End of Long Island, New York has consistently determined our community’s needs based on the researched needs and collected responses from our community.

In order for one to afford the purchase of the average home on Long Island, he/she must earn at least $160,000.00 per year. According to the Long Island Index, there is a 5:1 ratio of single-family homes to every rental apartment unit on Long Island. This is a key contributor to Long Island’s loss of both young professionals and elderly retirees. For example, a person earning between $50,000 and $120,000 is considered to be in the upper income tiers nationally; nonetheless, an individual in that bracket cannot afford to buy a home in Riverhead, including the already present families of the East End of Long Island community.

Riverhead residents want and need a community center with sports and recreational facilities, elder day care, child care, youth services, and programming for the arts. The Town is unable to build and support such a facility with public dollars.


  • Increase the number of energy efficient, safe, rental apartments.
  • Improve Riverhead’s ability to attract major employers to the area due to the increased housing options and services available to their employees.
  • Create construction jobs and employment opportunities for residents.
  • Increase community based opportunities for residents and interns at local medical facilities.
  • BOCES, Suffolk County Community College, St. Joseph’s College, Stony Brook University and other academic institutions gain a field site for training nurses, social workers, child care and youth workers, case managers, business students, geriatric workers, elder care attorneys, advocates and others.
  • Suffolk County and the region benefit from providing cost effective alternatives to residential skilled nursing placements for elders who could otherwise remain safely in their own communities.
  • Provide increased recreational activities for at risk youth who can be guided toward becoming productive and upstanding adults.
  • Provide increased rehabilitation opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Provide desired and needed public services.

Responding to our community’s researched needs, the Family Community Life Center, Inc. will erect a permanent facility which will be in line with the community benefit needs of eastern Long Island. The complex will provide a public benefit using private funds and will feature a community of buildings connected around a main atrium. The 68,830 square foot community center of interconnected buildings will include a 24- hour childcare facility, a senior citizen wellness and daycare center, a major sports and recreational compound, and a media center/theater. 100 one and 25 two-bedroom apartment units will frame the center complex, providing the community with critically needed rental housing.